Parable of the Alert Servants
Parable of the Alert Servants
Mark 13:34-37
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Sunday School,  March 12, 2017

During the Tribulation Period, there will be all kinds of signs that will indicate the soon return of Jesus Christ to the earth. For believers today, there are no signs that will signal His return. The disciples were looking for signs for the end of the present age (Mark 13:4). Jesus relates to them the Parable of the Alert Servants. Alertness was necessary for both the porter and the servants in the parable and for every believer since that day. Jesus said, “I SAY UNTO ALL, WATCH.” The Lord’s coming is imminent which reveals that He could return at any moment. Until that moment, as His servants, we all have a work to do (13:34). We are to keep busy serving Him until He returns and while serving, we must be ALERT - WATCHING. Jesus will return to the earth personally and gloriously. We need to be ready with great anticipation.

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