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Getting to the Source of Joy
John 16:16-24
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Sunday Morning Service,  August 6, 2017

All of us will go through difficult times. Those time can cause us to be frustrated, anxious, bitter or sorrowful. That is why we must place our trust in the God of all comfort. The disciples were in just such a state of mind when Jesus shared with them the secret of enduring joy.

The Unjust Steward
Luke 16:1-10
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Sunday School,  August 6, 2017

The steward who did what was shrewd: Christ used him as an example of what not to emulate.

Getting to the Source
John 16:12-15
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 30, 2017

We all need guidance at times. The circumstances and responsibilities of life can leave us wondering what the right thing is to do in order to live like Christ and bring him glory with our lives. God has not left us without help in this area. Guidance is available if we get back to the source of guidance for our live - the Word of God and the indwelling Spirit of God.

A Single-minded Focus
Matthew 6:19-24
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 23, 2017

This message points out the importance of being single focused in your pursuit of Christlikeness. We have more to distract us than ever. Being single minded allows us to eliminate the unimportant and focus on the most important things.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
John 16:1-15
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 16, 2017

Although conflict with the world is inevitable for the true disciple, Jesus did not leave his disciples without hope and good news. Though he was going away, he would send them the Holy Spirit whose unique ministry would not only change their lives but the entire world.

The Believer and the World
John 15:18-27
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 9, 2017

Jesus never promised his disciples that the world would love them. Although most of us want to fit in and get along with everyone, Jesus promised his disciples that they would be hated and persecuted because of their association with him. The world hated Jesus, yet he brought them the truth. The world will also hate his disciples, yet Jesus expectation is that his disciples will also take the truth to the world.