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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
John 16:1-15
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 16, 2017

Although conflict with the world is inevitable for the true disciple, Jesus did not leave his disciples without hope and good news. Though he was going away, he would send them the Holy Spirit whose unique ministry would not only change their lives but the entire world.

The Believer and the World
John 15:18-27
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 9, 2017

Jesus never promised his disciples that the world would love them. Although most of us want to fit in and get along with everyone, Jesus promised his disciples that they would be hated and persecuted because of their association with him. The world hated Jesus, yet he brought them the truth. The world will also hate his disciples, yet Jesus expectation is that his disciples will also take the truth to the world.

Friends of Jesus – Part 2
John 15:12-17
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Sunday Morning Service,  July 2, 2017

Jesus elevates the status of his disciples from servants to friends. Yet, he also gives the characteristics that must be a part of the lives of his friends. Not only does he describe the benefits of being his friend, but also the mission that he has chosen his friends to accomplish. Are you the friend of Jesus that he describes in John 15?

The Lost Son
Luke 15:11-32
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Sunday School,  July 2, 2017

This parable has been call "the crown and pearl of all parables." Charles Dickens described it as "the finest story ever written." But the question remains, why did Jesus share this parable? In this heart-warming story we will see not only the compassion, mercy and grace of the Father but also a sharp rebuke for the Pharisees due to their arrogant attitude of superiority towards the sinner.

Friends of Jesus – Part 1
John 15:12-17
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Sunday Morning Service,  June 25, 2017

Of all of the names and privileges that the Bible gives to Christians, one of the most special and intimate is that of the friend of Jesus. Just prior to going to his death, Jesus shares with his disciples that he does not consider them to be servants but friends. However, to be the friend of Jesus, we are given four characteristics that must be a part of our lives.

Abiding in the Vine
John 15:1-11
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Sunday Morning Service,  June 18, 2017

Our lives are built around our relationships, family, friends, co-workers, etc. In John 15, John discusses our relationship with Jesus, our relationships with one another and our relationship to the world. Of all of these relationships, the nature of our relationship is critical since it will determine our relationship to God, our eternal destiny, and will impact all of the other relationships in our lives. So the question remains, what is your relationship to Jesus Christ?

Remember the Poor
Various Texts
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Sunday Morning Service,  June 11, 2017

Paul would tell Titus that the church needs to learn how to meet the pressing needs of others. It is the very heart of God to show his love by feeding the hungry and clothing those who are in need of warmth. When the church engages in mercy ministries God receives great glory.