Children's Ministry

Sunday School

Our Kids4Truth Sunday School program promotes the weekly discipleship of children from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. The curriculum is a study of twelve of the key doctrines of our faith. It provides Bible answers to what Christians believe and why they believe it and is presented in a fun and engaging way. We consistently emphasize a clear presentation of Christ, encourage the memorization of Scripture, and lay a foundation for learning and living God's Word.

Children's Church

For children ages 4-11, we provide a Children's Church.


ACCESS stands for Adopted Children of Christ Exploring Scriptures Story.

For us, this is not just a name, but our purpose in having a children’s program. Every Sunday night we meet for a time of activities and Scripture. ACCESS focuses the bulk of our energy and attention on exploring not only the stories of the Bible but also how each one fits into the overall storyline of Scripture.

Join us Sundays from 6:00-7:15 (3rd Sundays begin after our fellowship lunch) and watch as your kids enjoy fun activities, memorize verses, and explore the entire story of Scripture.

ACCESS is for kids Pre-Kindergarten all the way through 6th grade.