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God's Love on Display
Romans 5:5-11
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 15, 2020

Our justification and final salvation both rest on the love of God. How can we be sure of God's love for us? Is it just a feeling, just an objective fact, or is something more?

Rejoicing in Hope
Romans 5:3-5
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 8, 2020

Justification is the beginning of our journey as Christians. Glorification will be the culmination of our journey. But what takes place in between these two events? God has a plan for our lives, but that plan may not be exactly what we expect it to be.

Our Salvation in Christ
Romans 5:1-2
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 1, 2020

Justification by faith in Christ is at the heart of the gospel message. However, it is only the beginning of the road toward our final salvation. This past act sets us on the road of sanctification that will lead to a final glorification one day.