Jesus Appears to the Disciples
Jesus Appears to the Disciples
John 21:1-14
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Sunday School,  March 29, 2015

Jesus Christ chose when and where all of His post-resurrection appearances would take place and this appearance was set up especially for Peter. Peter, having failed the Lord, sensed that he could never be accepted by Him again and decided to go back to fishing. Six other disciples joined him and they fished all night catching nothing. The account is well known and the stranger on the shore gave instructions which led to a net filled with fish. John and Peter immediately recognized the stranger as Jesus, who once again became their Master. He gathered them around the fire for breakfast and He became their host. The purpose was to reintroduce Peter to Himself and to restore his commission as an apostle. Jesus took Peter's shame and turned it into something good so that Peter could once again serve the Lord and glorify God.

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