Blessed Are They That Mourn
Blessed Are They That Mourn
Matthew 5:3,4; Psalm 1:1; 2:12; 32:1,2; 119:2
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Sunday School,  July 21, 2019

The key word in the Beatitudes is “Blessed” and is used to describe the kind of happiness that can come only from God. Together, they reveal a portrait of what God expects us to be in Christ, dealing with inward attitudes that manifest Christ outwardly. Instead of asking God to bless us, we need to give serious consideration of these nine principles with the goal of asking God to make us “blessable.” The poor in spirit in verse 3 reveals that we are totally bankrupt spiritually and totally dependent on God. In verse 4, those that mourn see themselves and everyone around them as sinners in need of cleansing. Isaiah is a good example noted in Isaiah 6. It was not until he saw the Lord that he could see himself for what he was. It is God’s will that we see ourselves from His perspective instead of our own.

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