Knowing Christ
Knowing Christ
2 Peter 1:2-4
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 16, 2011

In verses 2-4, everything hinges on knowing Christ. In verse 2, the grace and peace comes by virtue of our knowing God and Christ. The spiritual gifts in verse 3 are likewise through knowing Christ, the one “who called us to his own glory and virtue.” And although the “by which” in verse 4 refers specifically to the glory and virtue of Christ, the glory and virtue of Christ that gives the promises in verse 4 are connected to our knowing Christ.

We must be people who know Christ. This passage suggests three reasons why we must know Christ: 1. Knowing Christ brings the multiplication of God’s grace and peace (v 2); 2. Knowing Christ gives life and godliness (v 3); and 3. Knowing Christ bestows very great and precious promises (v 4).

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