The Eyewitnesses of Christmas: Mary
The Eyewitnesses of Christmas: Mary
Luke 2:1–7; John 19:17–27; Acts 1:14; 2:32–36
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Sunday Morning Service,  December 15, 2013

Luke bases his Gospel on eyewitness testimony—the witness of those who saw and heard and knew Jesus as he lived and ministered among his people (Luke 1:2). Though Mary is likely the primary eyewitness in chapters 1 and 2, Luke also includes other witnesses: Zechariah, Elizabeth, Joseph, the shepherds, Simeon, and Anna. As we give careful attention to their stories, we too behold the coming of the Christ child, and rejoice with them at the wonder of God’s great salvation. With Mary, the mother of Jesus, we behold three glorious aspects of the Son which are central to our salvation.

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