Open Eyes and Ears
Open Eyes and Ears
Luke 24:1-12; 36-49
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Sunday Morning Service,  April 9, 2023

All too often life’s circumstances cause us to be anxious, to doubt, to fear, to fail to remember that God is in control. The reality of the difficulties that we are facing distracts us from the truth that we have heard so many times from the Word of God or it does not feel real in midst of our trials and circumstances. Hurt, loss, frustration, regret, despair, anger, worry, self-pity can all overwhelm us and make it hard to see what God is doing. Is there hope in the midst of all of this? How do we regain a proper focus and get back on track? Where do we get the power to keep moving forward and go on? There is truth, there is hope, there is power, there is salvation in the risen Savior!

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