What God Wants from You
What God Wants from You
Micah 6:6-8
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Sunday Morning Service,  January 24, 2016

Our lives are full of cycles, and often this includes the way we walk with God. Notoriously, we begin with great effort to follow the Lord and to please him in all that we do. But our fervor cools and we procrastinate and give in to indifference. We can even begin ignoring God, until the Word of God and the Spirit of God quicken our heats to repent. We then confess our sin and turn back to God with renewed promises of how much we will do for him. And the cycle begins again. In Micah 6, the speaker, representing the nation of Judah, is also in a cycle. But coming to the point when he begins to make grandiose promises to God, he receives a gentle rebuke, reminding him—and us—of the simple, uncomplicated things God requires of his children.

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