Tying Up Loose Ends
Tying Up Loose Ends
1 John 5:13-21
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Sunday School,  September 13, 2015

There are five truths presented in this passage that form a summary for the first epistle of John. All five are important in the Christian life - 1) Eternal life, 2) Answered prayer, 3) Victory over sin, 4) Our relationship to God and 5) a reaffirmation that Jesus Christ is the true God. In the midst, the assurance of the believer's salvation is emphasized. Those who know for certain that they belong to God and have everlasting life believe that Jesus is the Christ, love all others who believe that Jesus is the Christ, obey the Word of God, have overcome the world, have their prayers answered, do not live in continuous sin and have the evidence of the divine nature within them affirming their relationship with God.

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