Hope in the Midst of Darkness
Hope in the Midst of Darkness
Isaiah 9:2, John 1, 1 John 1
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Sunday School,  December 27, 2015

Isaiah 9:2 speaks of a time when the people in Judah walked in darkness due to threats and attacks from Syria, Samaria and Assyria. In the midst of this darkness, God gave a message to Isaiah to give to King Ahaz that spoke of great hope as the result of a light that would shine upon them. Jesus Christ was that light and He walked and ministered in the area of Galilee, the place where it was the darkest in the eighth century. The prophecy related to the light that would continue to shine giving hope to all who would follow that light. Darkness is all over the world today and still Jesus Christ remains that light that can never be put out. That is what we celebrated on Christmas day. We also were at one time in darkness, but now are light in the LORD. As such, it is our responsibility to walk as children of the light (Eph. 5:18).

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