Sensationalism Versus Substance - Part 2
Sensationalism Versus Substance - Part 2
Matthew 24; Daniel 9
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Wednesday Evening Service,  May 18, 2011

In part one of this study we looked at various claims made by men throughout church history until modern times that they could pinpoint the time of Jesus' return. In order to make these claims most date-setters do a fair amount of mathematics using times and numbers in Scripture along with dates in history which are often uncertain. The result has led to one false claim after another, encouraging onlookers to scoff at the idea of the Lord's return. In part two we begin to examine the prophetic material offered to us in the Scriptures in order to determine how certain the Bible allows us to be about the time of Christ's return and about what will then take place upon the earth. Overall, we see that when God gives prophecy to His people it is always for their encouragement and edification.

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